The Galdin Service team invites you to send an email to detail your service request, it will be handled by a member of our team within the next 48 hours. Thereafter, a follow-up will be made to you within 2 weeks.

[email protected]

With the aim of providing you with faster and more efficient follow-up, do not forget:

  1. To indicate in the subject, the number of your unit, as well as the phase of the project.
  2. To send us photos or documents of your problem, for a better understanding.

List of emergency contact persons:

  1. Plumber Entreprises Bitechnique
  1. Electrician Pyramide
  1. Ventilation, Garanteed Industries
  1. Condominium Syndicate, Corev management manager

For any emergency (e.g. fire, major water damage), you can contact the 514-389-0101 ext « 0 », 24/7


If you have questions, it’s important to reach out to the right people, here’s some information to help guide you:

  1. Anything concerning the sale of parking spaces, storage spaces, questions about your purchase, you must make the request to the sales department. Info [email protected]
  2. For all questions concerning the construction, it is here with us : [email protected]
  1. For questions concerning common areas, additional sticker, additional chips, keys, intercom, urban chalet, terrace, urgent request. You will find the information with the building manager: [email protected] .


  • M. Denis Mercier, Director of Technical Operations,

reachable at [email protected]  or at 514-389-0101 ext. 1

  • M. Jean Choquette, Technical Operations Supervisor,

reachable at [email protected]

Acces programming, intercom, move in-out

  • M. Jean -Pierre Noé, Accounting and Finance Manager,

reachable at  [email protected]

  • Éliott Hajjar, Administrative Manager,

reachable at [email protected] or at 514-389-0101 ext *3

Do not forget to consult your customer guide, as well as the ACQ guide , two very practical tools for managing your new residence.

The whole team thanks you for your follow-up and wishes you a pleasant day.


The Galdin team